168434_1692265498710_4957760_nKristen’s Bio:

Kristen Hester is passionate about providing a service largely focused on professional development, mentoring women and speaking on topics that propel others towards change and enlightenment.

With over 10 years of experience serving as a professional educator and public speaker, Kristen has developed her skills to a highly reputable standard with the influence of powerful teachers, speakers and mentors helping to achieve her vision and goals.

Her mission:
To empower others in the same way that people have unselfishly empowered her.

Her work ethic:
To provide a punctual, professional, trustworthy service full of enthusiasm and commitment.

Through online classrooms, Kristen teaches college courses in Media, Philosophy and Ethics. She provides encouragement and motivation to her students through “virtual speaking” combined with the tools for success that are not only useful in her class, they are also transferable into everyday life.

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